Flash Fiction: The Old Lady

After missing two flash fiction challenges over at Carrot Ranch, I decided now was a good time to jump back in. And I picked a good week to do it, as it has to do with giving a crap.

This week’s prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that expresses a strong concern, something to give a crap about. 

So here’s my take.

The Old Lady


On my way to her spot, I skip over the biggest sidewalk cracks, gripping my prize. Colton says stepping on a crack will break Mama’s back. I sometimes hit one but she’s okay.

The old lady is outside 7-11. She smiles big. “Child! What you got?”

I hold the paper bag out. “I did it! Learned all my sight words!”

“Oh, baby girl.” She sniffs the buttery smell. “Keep this. You don’t get treats often.”

“It’s yours. I don’t wanna hear no more about it.”

Smiling, she pops a piece of popcorn into her mouth, then one into mine.


7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Old Lady

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  3. What a child! In only 99 words, this character is rich and endearing. I like Elaine’s take, too which adds to the element that women are always in cycle — maiden, mother, crone — and have shared wisdom and connection.

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