My Very Own Thanksgiving Post

I wrote this last year, and it’s still relevant! Happy Thanksgiving!

Allison Maruska

This is a Thanksgiving post. There are others like it but this one is mine.

Several readers of this blog live in other countries – Canada, England, and Australia, to name a few. I obviously don’t know what American Thanksgiving looks like from your perspective, but from here it looks something like one of these four scenarios:

1. Yay, food!

2. Yay, football!

3. Extended family…yay?

4. Yay, Christmas! Because there are people who have been celebrating Christmas since Labor Day, but now they’ll stop being publicly shamed for doing so.

Of course, this being THANKSgiving (as opposed to Foodgiving or Footballgiving), we try to reflect on things for which we are thankful.

And I have lots to be thankful for.

1. Readers

Readers of the blog and readers of the books, I am abundantly thankful for you. If you didn’t find my occasionally useful and sometimes coherent babbling worth…

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