The Teachee Has Become The Teacher! Or Something.

I have exciting news!

Remember that writing conference I went to a few weeks ago with Jenny and Dan?


Florida looks good on us, I think.

Well, I thought to myself, Self, I write books and know things. Maybe I know things the conference organizers would like to see in workshops.

So I applied, and guess what! My proposals were accepted and I’m officially a faculty member of the 2017 Florida Writers Association conference. I get to go to Florida and teach developing writers. Squee!

And guess what else – Dan’s proposals were accepted too! So we get to be partners in crime. And since he did his announcement post first, I’m totally stealing his links.

If you wanna look at a bunch of picture from this year, click HERE

If you wanna see what they – we – have planned for 2017 click HERE

If you wanna just hang out at the bar and buy me drinks, click HERE – then register, and come on down! I’ll probably even plan a trip to Epcot Food and Wine Festival for special friends who come.

So on October 19-22, 2017, if you live in the Orlando area or need an excuse to travel to Florida, come check us out! I’ll be at the pool!

I mean the classrooms. I’ll be in the classrooms. Because teaching. Hehe.

31 thoughts on “The Teachee Has Become The Teacher! Or Something.

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  3. Congratulations and welcome to the faculty. FWA members will benefit greatly from having you as a presenter (and from having me as one, too, of course). We just need Jenny to finish her application to complete the trifecta.

    It’s gonna be a blast working with new writers and showing them what we’ve learned.

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