Secrets To Getting Reviews For YOUR Book, REVEALED! BookTuber Elizabeth Hebb Tells All

Elizabeth is a wealth of information about booktubing and getting reviews for your book. Don’t miss this interview!

Dan Alatorre

We had a great time chatting with Elizabeth Hebb, a BookTuber who will explain to you how to get more reviews for your book!

BookTubers review books – LOTS of books. Like a written book review, BookTubers discuss your book in video format on YouTube – to their many, many subscribers and followers! Meet Elisabeth, a BookTuber who will help you understand the world of video reviews.

Hosts of Writers Off Task With Friends: Dan Alatorre (, Allison Maruska (, J. A. Allen (


BookTubers share good books with each other – and their followers. Discover tips to get your book found by BookTuber community.

  • How to approach a review from a BookTuber – and anyone else who does reviews.
  • What kind of synopsis catches the reviewer’s eye?
  • What to include in your review request – and what to absolutely…

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