Love Reading Thrillers? This Contest Is For You!

If you’re a fan of thriller/suspense stories, and you’re running low on reading material and/or you just want more books to hoard, this contest is for you!

thriller-book-bundle-12-books-image (1).png

Paula Wynne, author of the exciting historical mystery thriller The Grotto’s Secret, has organized a contest that includes ten thriller and suspense titles, including my very own The Fourth Descendant. I’ve added to my list after reading the descriptions of these books, which you can find here.

But the prize isn’t just one book – it’s four books. If you win the drawing, you get four of these titles, randomly selected, to add to your personal library. Plus, there’s more than one way to enter! Start by clicking this link.

Thanks to Paula for putting together this contest and for including The Fourth Descendant! I love seeing my book in such good company.

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