Flash Fiction Challenge: Opening With The Senses

Instead of writing a full flash fiction piece, I’m participating in an interesting exercise this week.

The always-motivating Dan Alatorre (click his name to see the post) challenged us to write an opening paragraph (I cheated a little and opted for four shorter ones) to something that includes at least three of the five senses. Oh, and it has to be hooky, because opener.

I decided to not only go for this challenge but try to make it work for a new book idea I’ve barely started flirting with. If the idea works out, I’ll have a paranormal romance to add to the genre ADD that represents my authorial work.

In any case, my opener follows the horse pic. Let me know what you think! Did I rise to the challenge?

Also, you writer types should hop over to Dan’s page and accept the challenge yourselves!


The early-morning sun beat on my neck as I approached the animal, a yet-to-be-named colt Daddy bought yesterday. The brown horse with white patches was supposed to be mine, but he hadn’t gotten the message.

“All right, you.” Reaching for the mane, I ran my hand over the soft hair, weaving it through my fingers. “We’re gonna get this done, you hear? You and I are making friends. Look.” I stepped back and held out my arms, as if he’d appreciate the fact I’d changed out of my skirts and into Tommy’s work shirt and pants – still big but far less cumbersome.

In response, the horse dropped five large clumps from his rear and snorted. The odor reached me seconds later.

I scrunched my nose grabbed the reins. “Well, they ain’t that bad.”

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