It’s Release Day! But That’s Not All…

First thing’s first: Remember the $25 Amazon gift card drawing that happened during the pre-order period? We have a winner! Congratulations to Jordan! I’ll be contacting you soon to send you the card.

Today is a special day, because as of early this morning, Project Renovatio is a real book that people can buy! And read! I can’t tell you how long and bumpy the road to this day has been, but suffice it to say I view today with a sense of…


Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic.

And really, it’s not done.

Of course there’s all the social media and marketing stuff that goes along with a new book. A Goodreads giveaway is on deck. Reviews are trickling in already. But the real reason it’s not done is it’s the first part of a trilogy. This is what the Amazon listing for the paperback looks like:

PR amazon listing

I don’t know if the title will look like that when Amazon combines the paperback and ebook editions into a single product page, but I like it. It reminds me of the scope of the books when I wrote them. This is the first part of a bigger overall story.

Books two and three are written and have been in the hands of an editor. I have some work to do on them, but I hope to have all three out by Christmas. I say that as an assurance to my ARC readers who are asking for book 2 like:

sponge bob

So today I’m enjoying sending another baby into the world, and while we’re not supposed to pick favorites, this one goes with a bigger piece of my heart. I think it has potential to do exciting things. So tomorrow, after an evening of celebration, I dive into book 2.

Thanks for following, for reading, and for accompanying me on the journey. You guys are the best.

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