Live From My Dining Room – An Interview!

Okay, it’s not really live. But it is in my dining room!

Dan was kind enough to host an interview in which I talk about my upcoming new release! But that’s not all there is – we also talk about covers, what a horrible eater I can be (but balanced by working out…that’s how it works, right?), tattoos, humor in writing, being stuck next to drunk people at parties, and a few other topics, I’m sure.

Big thanks to Dan both for hosting and for spending hours whittling it down to a great final product. I had a lot of fun doing my part.

By the way, if you liked the book stuff at the beginning, I’ll gently remind you that the last day to pre-order Project Renovatio for $0.99 is Monday. Wink. NUDGE. 😉


6 thoughts on “Live From My Dining Room – An Interview!

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  2. This an awesome interview and very inspirational for anyone thinking about publishing their own book. Wonderful to finally hear and see both you guys in action.

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