SAMPLE: Writers Off Task With Friends

I get to be 1/3 of this leap into video. Check it out!

Dan Alatorre

Here’s a sample of the video show we’re working on! (Scroll down; it’s after this cool title card.)

Writers Off TASK w Friends NEW Square

We need to sharpen the images and work on the graphics (and the smoothness) but have a look and see if this is something you’d watch or something you might want to appear on.

After we get our format down (and can at least act like we know what we’re doing), we’ll be inviting guests to the fun!

A big THANK YOU to my two lovely and talented co-stars who are being VERY good sports as I lean all this stuff.

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One thought on “SAMPLE: Writers Off Task With Friends

  1. I think it’s fun to watch people having a good time. (Whether writing topics get discussed is another matter…)

    It’s my hope that we show other authors a fun, lighthearted side of ourselves and have a good time in the process. I know I’m having a blast!


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