The Haiku Challenge

This week’s flash fiction challenge isn’t so much about a story as it is about poetry. Haikus, to be exact. 

I used to teach poetry. The result of this is I can punch out a Haiku in about ten seconds. My cat is sitting right next to me, so I’ll write one about her.

Fuzzy orange floof

With gazing emerald eyes

You just want my food 

Okay, that took fifteen seconds.

So Dan put a random topic generator on the challenge. They’re questions meant to start a conversation. I think he suggested writing one but I’ll take a whole minute and write four. I’ll start with the question and answer with the haiku.

PS – this is the weirdest thing I’ve done all week.

Here goes!

What kind if old person do you want to become?

Life alert button

Useful for when I fall down 

Save me, cute fireman!

Describe yourself in one sentence (or haiku).

A scribbler of words

Affixer of googly eyes

Giant nerd at heart

Do you prefer to travel or stay close to home?

Winter big time sucks

Can I please go somewhere warm?

Alas, I have work

Do you like to cook?

Family likes to eat

Every single stinking night 

To the stove I go

Those are mine! I encourage fellow bloggers to play along. This was fun.

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