777 Challenge – Tag, I’m It! Who’s Next?

blog-372771_1280This is the part where I confess to not knowing this was a thing. It looks fun for me, but the main reason I’m doing it is because you, the readers, may discover a new blog you love, as these are the rules:

RULES: The taggee must go to the seventh page, to the seventh line, and share the next seven sentences of their latest WIP or new book, etc. Then tag seven other authors to do the same.

I’m going to assume “tag” means “link to their blog” wherein “readers can click and follow if they love it.” Sound fair? Those bloggers will get a notification that I linked to their blog and can play along if they want to.

I was tagged by Dan Alatorre, fellow writer and friend. This is part of his bio: Dan Alatorre is author of numerous best sellers, including the family comedy Savvy Stories series. But what you really need to know is he’s a hilarious blogger who regularly posts useful advice, making the rest of us look bad.

Seriously, though. Follow him if you aren’t already.

Now to the game. I’ll start with the seventh page seventh line thing. I’m taking sentences from my upcoming YA urban fantasy, Drake and the Fliers.

That didn’t make sense. The desk was in the middle of the room, out of his arms’ reach. His eyes focused in the darkness, and he barely made out the end of the thing that had pinched his back: a wing.

He gasped and spun around, yelling when his tail smashed into the desk.

His tail?

His heart rate skyrocketed. He lumbered from the office, scraping his sides as he squeezed through the doorway. 

And now for the seven tags. These are blogs I read regularly and enjoy (I have more than seven, but for this I only get seven. Plus a couple of my favs were tagged in other posts like this and I don’t want their heads to explode.) I’ll post a snippet of their bios as well.

  1. Return of the Modern Philosopher – I am a screenwriter currently doing deep undercover work as a mindless stiff at a “real” job.  This blog is my way of getting my deeper thoughts out into the world so that I can clear space for the ideas I need to write my scripts.
  2. Live to Write – Write to Live – We are building a community of writers. As much as we love writing, it can be a lonely job. We are here to connect and help other writers connect.  Together we share information, ideas and our experiences as writers.
  3. Nicholas C. Rossis – My name is Nicholas C. Rossis, I’m an author and I blog mostly on writing, publishing and book marketing.
  4. The Honeyed Quill – In addition to writing and teaching, Shawna undertakes unrealistic crochet projects, runs the #LinkYourLife Twitter hashtag, is an avid reader of paranormal detective romance, creates recipes, and often chooses to honor her children’s creative processes by not scraping glitter-glue off the table.
  5. Eclectic Alli – I am finding my way on the meandering, twisting path of life, constantly surprised by what’s around the next bend.
  6. A Writer’s Path – Sharing writing tips, information, and advice.
  7. A Writer’s Journey – You have to admit that “A Journey with the Craft” sounds a lot better than “Random Dude Tries to be a Fantasy Writer”, right? This is a place we can all gather to talk about writing.

Those are mine! I hope you find a new blog to love.

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