Celebrations and Giveaways!

Who Wants A Free Audiobook?

You guys! The Fourth Descendant passed an impressive milestone – it has sold 5,000 ebook copies in less than six months! That is crazy exciting, and since I have you, the readers, to thank for it, I want to throw free stuff at you. 

So I’m running two giveaways. Enter one or both if you want. I’d enter both, because free stuff. Gimme.

1. Goodreads giveaway – click here to enter. 

The prize for this one is a signed paperback copy of TFD.

But I already have the ebook, and I don’t need the actual book, you may be thinking. Worry not. Because there is also a giveaway for…

2. A $25 Amazon gift card. Here’s how to enter this one: 

In the comments of this post or on the link to the post on my facebook page, answer one (or more if you really want to) of these three questions: 1.) Who was your favorite character in The Fourth Descendant? 2.) What’s a cool fact you know about owls? or 3.) Which is better – dogs or cats?

Your answer can be as brief or as detailed as you want. I’ll put the names of all the entrants into a hat on August 2nd to pick the winner. If you win, I’ll reply to your comment to let you know and send instructions for how to get the card.

A little fine print: both contests are for US residents only. The deadline for both is August 2nd.

That’s it! Go forth and catch free stuff!

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