UPDATED Book Release News: The Fourth Descendant

key ad2Does anyone have a washcloth I can borrow? I have some egg on my face I need to wipe off.


So yesterday I released the totally exciting news about my book’s release on the fourth. That is still happening. Whew.

Here’s the part that’s different: I am unable to offer the book for free on release day. This comes from a combination of Amazon rules and my own newbie ignorance.



I thought of a way cool backup plan that allows you to get the book for super cheap AND allows me to still give stuff away.

*tosses egg coated washcloth aside*

I’ve decided to run a sweepstakes. Here’s how to play:

1. Click here to pre-order the ebook for $.99*

2. Click here to send me a message via my “contact me” page. Doesn’t have to be complicated. Just say you pre-ordered the book or you think owls are nifty or something. I just need your name and email for the next step.

Here’s my part:

On release day (Wednesday), I’ll randomly choose TWO names (this is why I need your name) from everyone who sent me a message during the pre-order period (now – Tuesday evening). I’ll use a random number generator. Point is, if you are selected, you win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards (this is why I need your email. I’ll send the gift card electronically).

I’ll also post something about the winners, but I’ll email you first to ask if you want your name included. If not, I’ll say “Anonymous” or make up a humorous name for you. Like Brenda Skittlebottoms.

That’s it! If you missed the blurb and excerpt and want to know what the hell you’re getting into, click here.

Ask any questions you have in the comments.

Happy reading!

*a little fine print, to keep this all legal: you don’t have to place an order to enter. I just need the message. Also, only US residents are eligible to win. Sorry, international friends. 😦

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