My Marathon: 26.2 Miles Of "Friends" Seasons

Marathons are a big deal where I live.

I’m not talking about sitting on your butt for 3 days watching old MASH reruns. I’m talking about the “run the distance between two cities” marathon.

I find it interesting that marathons are so popular here. I live more than a mile above sea level, meaning there is a lot less oxygen here than in the more populated cities that have marathons, like Boston. However, I have noticed that local residents enjoy training here and then going to a marathon at sea level to kick some serious booty. It’s like being in an  oxygen chamber.

Personally, I don’t see myself ever participating in a marathon, unless I’m one of the people holding a cup of water for runners to grab. See, I’m not a big runner. It reminds me of that scene from Back to the Future 3.

Old cowboy: (referring to the future) Don’t people run anymore?

Doc: Of course they run. But they run for recreation. For fun.

Old cowboy: What the hell kind of fun is that??

I agree, old cowboy, I agree. I suppose people like marathons because it’s something really hard to do and they have to work really hard to be successful at it. I feel the same way about parenting.

That said, I think marathon runners are truly kick-ass. You have amazing bodies and endurance that I can only imagine. But I’m curious – how do you manage to stay motivated for 26.2 frickin miles? Do you have to imagine that Freddie Kruger is chasing you? I think that’s what it would take for me to finish one.

So, anyone want to join me for a Friends marathon? That kind of marathon would have my full participation.

One thought on “My Marathon: 26.2 Miles Of "Friends" Seasons

  1. You should ask Aaron. He has done over 40 marathons. He says, "If you need an I-pod with Justin Bieber on it to get motivated to run, then there is something wrong with you." Not sure if I will ever go the distance, but one thing I have learned from watching many marathons is that you don't really have to run the entire way. Aaron breaks things up into intervals (smaller pieces) which is a good strategy for any hard task, I suppose.


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