I Will Never Be Airbrushed To Perfection

I recently saw a photo collection that featured celebrities sans airbrushing, and some without airbrushing and makeup. It made my heart happy.

This is a photo of Britney Spears from the collection.
Click here to see the whole thing. The first pic is Kim naked,
but all the essentials are covered.

I don’t normally find myself in a position to endorse Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian, but I love that these women have cellulite. This is especially true of Kim, who I saw in another photo wearing a bikini (btw – you won’t see it here, mostly because I don’t want “Kim Kardashian in bikini” in my search history). The photo was from the back, and it was so airbrushed that her butt cheeks didn’t touch. Hey, airbrush guys – if butt cheeks didn’t touch, we’d have a bunch of exposed assholes. And that’s not good for anyone.

I like to think I don’t have body image issues. When my clothes start feeling tight, I cut back on the calories and ramp up the fitness. I don’t do this because I feel ugly. My husband has me believing that I’m beautiful, and I’m not really out to impress anyone else. I do this because, really, I don’t want to have to buy new clothes. That would require 1.) shopping, which isn’t my favorite thing to do unless my mom is with me, and 2.) money to buy clothes. So I try to make the ones I have work as long as possible. I know that perfection just isn’t going to happen.

Honestly, until this photo collection, I was naive to just how much celebrities are airbrushed. It’s nice to see them as real people and not just as perfect bodies that we will never attain. Because we can’t all walk around with perfectly airbrushed bodies. There are lots of people out there constantly thinking that what they have isn’t good enough. It’s about time they saw the truth, and not more exposed assholes.

Jessica Simpson’s photo from the collection.

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