Laundry Day = Every Day

Ah, laundry day. Again.

I don’t usually complain about doing laundry. It’s little more than a mundane task. In my search for entertaining landry-related material on Pinterest, all I could find were recipes to make your own laundry soap and elegantly decorated laundry rooms. This isn’t helping me to make the very real chore of cleaning dirty clothes all the time any more amusing. However, I did think of some events that I think make it more interesting.
Event #1: Finding Money
This is by far the most beneficial laundry event. I guess this makes us all money launderers (ba dum ching!). 
I wish I found this much in the laundry!
I think the most money I’ve found in the laundry is $5. But I often find various coins. I think I should keep a small piggy bank in the laundry room. My kids are still young and don’t carry much of their own money, but considering the other things I’ve found in their clothes, money would not be out of the question. I could potentially retire early from my laundry-day earnings.
Event #2: Lost Socks

This is an admittedly cliche laundry-day reference. I even mentioned it in my Man’s Code post. But it is a strange phenomenon that should be explored by someone intelligent, like the Myth Busters or Bill Nye. I actually consider it a bit of an accomplishment when someone in my family keeps a pair of socks long enough for them to develop holes.

Event #3: Finding Strange Things In The Sorting

This is a partial list of items I’ve found in the hamper: hot wheels, play-doh, pull-ups, cups, books, crayons, rocks, magnets, and puzzle pieces. I think most of these come from my children scooping up the clothes from their floors without really looking at what was under the clothes and grabbing whatever was under them too. All I can say is thank goodness I found the crayons before they went into the dryer.

Event #4: Finding Strange Things In The Machines

Sometimes, the foreign objects sneak past my detection and make it into the machines. The messiest was one of those diapers with absorbent gel inside. The cotton material dissolves, leaving a lovely blue-colored goo coating the inside of the washer. That’s fun to clean up. I remember my friend once opened a new set of sheets and put them in the washer, but she forgot to remove that cardboard divider thing in the package. Cardboard makes a mess when it gets wet.

Event #5: Enjoying Warm Laundry

One evening, my oldest son got my towels out of the dryer and crawled into them. It’s true, warm laundry feels wonderful. Just ask any cat. 

I’m pretty sure laundry reproduces somehow, but I can’t prove it so it’s not an official event. There are only four people in my family, and it seems like the laundry never ends. But like I said before, I can’t really complain. At least we don’t have to wash it piece by piece in the river anymore. I’m also happy that the days of the college dorm laundry room are behind me. That could potentially be a whole new post, so you should be happy as well! ha!
Did I miss some interesting laundry events? Share away!

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